Opening/Morning Sessions

*Opening/morning sessions will be held in a large area and will be for everyone attending the Summit. Both sessions will address art, media and social change or civic engagement broadly in a manner that is appealing to students from all disciplines/majors.

Opening Plenary – “Art, Access & Action: Media for Social Change”  Thurs, April 8th-

10:00 am-11:30 am

Does the next generation of artists and media makers have a responsibility to consider what art and media can do to empower communities and publics throughout America? College and community voices will speak on the issues that they feel have commanded their time and attention and discuss the moral or pragmatic imperative to respond to those issues. The use of arts and media for advocacy and social change will be explored as each voice on the panel discuss how artists & media makers are indeed stepping up and contributing to advocacy & activism in many different ways.

Morning Plenary Session – “Navigating the Media Landscape” Fri, April 9th -10:00 am-11:30 am

Recent shifts in the media terrain like the growing pervasiveness of corporate media ownership, the collapse in traditional journalism, the rise of new media, the presence of profit-hungry gatekeepers who seek greater control over the Internet, and the continued convergence of media (print, television, radio, phones, the Web) are discussed by speakers with varying arts, media, and activist backgrounds. Each will assess where they think current trends are going and offer advice for an audience eager to better understand their role as artists or media makers in society.


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