Call For Participation

Interested in participating or getting involved in this major Arts & Media Summit?

We’re looking for organizations and individuals to:

  • Have a table & participate in a Media Expo on Friday
  • Advertise in the program
  • Help promote & publicize the Summit
  • Attend the event and participate in the summit

For more information, email


There will be screening rooms available for film screenings throughout the two-day Summit. If you have films that you would like to see screened and discussed, please let the organizers of the Summit know. Email

Any Suggestions for the Summit?

Feel free to contact at anytime for more information.


One Response

  1. This topic is right up our alley. We are presently involved with challenging the peddlers license in Chicago that prevents artists from making a living from their First Amendment protected art AND the eavesdropping law that prevents, artists, blogger, and independent journalists from audio recording secretly police and other officials in public in their pursuit of information the public needs to understand our world.

    We would like a table at the least but given the topics of this summit I should be included in the speakers.

    C. Drew

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