Summit to Explore Shifts in Media, Technology, Arts That Threaten Future of Democracy

For Immediate Release
April 6, 2010

Kevin Gosztola

Media Advisory

Summit to Explore Shifts in Media, Technology, Arts That Threaten Future of Democracy

Columbia College Conference to Connect Young Artists & Media Makers To Community Social Activists – Empower Youth to Create 21st Century-Style Social Change

Sponsor: Columbia College Chicago’s Critical Encounters (info)

Event: “Art, Access & Action: The Moral Imperative” Summit (Website) –
Students, faculty, and staff from Columbia College Chicago will come together with artists, media makers, and arts or media activists/organizers for an event that will connect visual, audio, performing, and multimedia artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, marketers, arts managers, and television and radio professionals to real world problems and to the work of media outlets and seasoned community activist. This connection will address the social justice issues of everyday people and help build relationships. And, the participants and audience will learn how young and seasoned community activists have successfully used traditional and new media as well as the arts as tools in the service of important social change efforts.

Speakers will include Jeff Biggers, Malkia Cyril, Andrew Huff, Patrick Lichty, Victor M. Montanez, Salim Muwakkil, Gordon Quinn, Paul Street, and Tracy Van Slyke.

Public: Two evening public forums will feature noted Chicago journalist and
Forums activist Salim Muwakkil speaking on media’s treatment of Race in the Post Obama Era with Paul Street and Stan West (Thur April 8- 6:30) and internationally lauded investigative reporter and author Greg Palast speaking about the threats to public participation in democracy caused by media policy changes.

When: Thursday, April 8th and Friday, April 9th

Where: Columbia College Chicago Film Building (Ludington Building)
1104 S. Wabash ;Chicago, IL 60605


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  1. what time is the event?

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