What Will Sectors of Journalism Look Like in 2015?

Tracy Van Slyke, director of the Media Consortium, will be speaking during the Summit panel “Navigating the Media Landscape” in the morning on Friday, April 9th.

Slyke recently gave a presentation on what she thinks sectors of journalism will look like in 2015 at the Media Consortium’s annual meeting in NYC.

For many of those who were been present at the first meeting of the consortium in March 2005, and watched/helped the consortium evolve to where it is now, this meeting marked a significant change. A few years ago, the idea of editorial collaboration among members was a big no-no. Imagine exposing sunlight to vampires. That’s how quick some ran away from that conversation. A few years ago, the understanding around community building/engagement was frowned upon (not just by media consortium members, but by the journalism sector at large). But my, how perceptions have changed.

Now the ideas of collaboration and engagement are not just viewed as important, but are seen as essential to the future success, impact and sustainability of the progressive media sector. These topics were a major focus for the meeting agenda and in small-group and one-on-one conversations among meeting attendees. This drastic change has come about for two reasons.

1) Technology has broken down the barriers of collaboration, fostered more relationships among media producers, and encouraged their actual engagement and communication with their users.

2) The economic situation facing many organizations has given them no choice but to find new creative, collaborative ways to work together and with their users. This may be the only good thing that has come out of the economic troubles that journalism organizations are facing.

For the rest of her presentation, see her recent posting on BuildtheEcho.net, a site launched in conjunction with her new book Beyond the Echo Chamber, which was co-written by Jessica Clark.

And, plan on seeing Tracy Van Slyke speak during the Summit on Friday morning (April 9th).


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